Most of the times when Avraam Bondy appears in a movie by Nikolay Yeriomin he will be somehow shown through the keyhole, referencing Gunbarrel sequences from the James Bond movie.

As Bondy was always intended to be a quasi-parody of James Bond (his own character who would only seem like a parody for a certain period of time), the keyhole sequence is used to illustrate the fact that unlike gun-happy James Bond, Bondy often does the job as quiet as possible. It is also inserted in different scenes, rather then beginning of the movie.


Media Keyhole sequence (or lack thereof)
Mikhail Bondarev: Heck of a Great Man (Mikhail Bondarev: Hren' velikogo cheloveka) (2015)

The very first instance of the keyhole sequence was edited from dailies of Crudely Written Communal Fiction (Kommunalnoe chtivo napisano krivo). While Bondy himself is not shown through the keyhole it is present in a shot and he is pictured nearby as if he's about to be seen through it.
Errors in Geography: Geodesy (Irpen Inspires 2B Creative) (2016)


Second instance of keyhole sequence is a much more direct reference to James Bond movies. The scene itself was edited from a variant originally intended for Crudely Written Communal Fiction (Kommunalnoe chtivo napisano krivo) but eventually scrapped due to a change in set decoration approach. It is the first keyhole sequence which involves Bondy changing sunglasses to ordinary glasses.
Pyramid Above Kyiv (Piramida nad Kievom) (2016)



In the third instance, keyhole sequence was moved to a post-credits scene and used a stylised approach done with title design rather then in-camera trickery. Apart from usual gunbarrel sequences it was inspired by alternative approach to James Bond opening seen in Never Say Never Again, movie which was not made by EON productions and had no legal rights to use the gunbarrel opening.
Ivan Born (2016)



Being a necessarily brief shot due to short film itself done in the style of fast-paced action movie parody, this keyhole sequences is showing Bondy becoming a focus of a camera as he notices someone is watching him through the keyhole. The shot is an alternate take of the scene used in Errors in Geography: Geodesy (Irpen Inspires 2B Creative), akthough image was flipped.
What Worth Are 50 UAH oh Khreshchatyk? (2016)


A subtle spin on a keyhole sequence is done via a cross-fade from actual keyhole on Maidan Nezalezhnosti to a shot of Bondy walking through the door in the medical attire, first time character was not seen wearing a trademark black suit with a tie in the sequences.
The Bucket (Vedro) Christmas Special All You Could Possibly Want for Christmas and New Year (2016)


Bondy's brief post-credits scene notably lacks the keyhole in any form, although door handle and a lock part are in the shot.
Quality Content
Season 1 Episode 1 Maxime Augustin Explained (2017)


Bondy's brief cameo in the episode is mostly reusing the keyhole sequence from Errors in Geography: Geodesy (Irpen Inspires 2B Creative).
Quality Content
Season 1 Episode 2 Shia LaBeouf's "He Will Not Divide Us" Explained (2017)



As Bondy is only seen in some production stills of Crudely Written Communal Fiction (Kommunalnoe chtivo napisano krivo) in the post-credits sequence, keyhole sequence was not featured.
"Toaster Bonus"
Season 1 Episode 2 Christmas Lights Of My Own Design (2017)

Yet again, brief cameo doesn't have any keyhole, but is staged near a door handle.
Nikolay Yeriomin: Mr. Winter (2017)


Yet again appearing in the post-credits scene, Bondy is shown walking in the same setting as in All You Could Possibly Want for Christmas and New Year as if he is about to be featured in the keyhole sequence, but he gets cut short by Uncle Vasya, who says "Stop".