While some of the films by PP Studio considered violent they're also quite optimistic in their nature. Never the less, some of them have at least a few deaths in them, usually, in the vein of black humor quite weird ones.

This article lists all deaths depicted and/or mentioned in assorted PP Studio productions.

Full ListEdit

1. The Victim (First Person Point-of-View) - killed off-screen by the Maniac ("Unnamed Maniac Movie")
2. Bride - strangled by Groom. ("The Bride's Revenge (Mest Nevesty)")
3. Groom - neck snapped by one of The Spiders. ("The Bride's Revenge (Mest Nevesty)")
4. The King - shot in the head by The Hitman/The Chess Player. ("Party or A Woodpecker on the Concrete Column (Partiya, ili dyatel na betonnom stolbe)")
5. Zombie With Coins on Eyes - died off-screen and resurrected. ("Zombie 28")
6. Zombie With the Pencil Through the Eye - was stabbed with a pencil through the eye (off-screen) then resurrected. ("Zombie 28")
7-8. At least 2 victims of This Guy (Homicidal Maniac) - mentioned. ("Those Old Trailers" (segment "Madness on the 13th Floor")
9. Nightrider - fatal car crash and explosion. ("Mad Max Sweded")
10. Jim Goose - implied to have died from the burns. ("Mad Max Sweded")
11-12. Jessie and Sprog - run over by motorcycles. ("Mad Max Sweded")
13. Bubba Zanetti - killed off-screen (shot). ("Mad Max Sweded")
14. Toecutter - run over by a truck. ("Mad Max Sweded")
15. Johnny the Boy - handcuffed to a machine which later explodes. ("Mad Max Sweded")
16. The Mugger - shot six times by The Indestructible. ("The Indestructible (Nesokrushymiy)")
17. The Vampire - suufocates because of anti-mosquito gear containing silver. ("The Indestructible (Nesokrushymiy)")
18.a Mosquito - crushed by The Indestructible. ("The Indestructible (Nesokrushymiy)")
19. Vietnam Soldier (archive footage from the movie Headhunter) - decapitated. ("All the Night (Noch' Naprolyot)")
20. Vietnam Soldier (archive footage from the movie Headhunter) - decapitated. ("All the Night (Noch' Naprolyot)")
21.a Dead Rat (Dikiy Duh) - implied to have been suffocated by a cat. ("The Wild Spirit (Dikiy Duh)")
22-23. At least two victims of Xander Burchill - mentioned. ("The Prisoners Dilemma")
24-28. At least 5 more corpses - mentioned by Detective as being newly discovered victims of Burchill. ("The Prisoners Dilemma")
29. Detective - throat slit with a broken handcuff by Xander Burchill. ("The Prisoners Dilemma")

Current count is 29 (27 excluding the animals)