Communal Universes is a system of alternate universes, primarily featured in the works of Nikolay Yeriomin and PP Studio. Due to minor differences, characters, events and details may differ from work to work, but remain connected anyway.


Communal Universes were named after a feature film Crudely Written Communal Fiction (Kommunalnoe chtivo napisano krivo) (first drafts of screenplay were written in 2007). Name itself implies that universes are "shared" and may "share" characters, locations, interact with each other.

While works of Nikolay Yeriomin mainly situated in some kind of shared fictional universe, it was then-unnamed till 2010. The same year it was decided that it was not a shared universe, but a system of alternate universes. While main trigger for that was the fact that Albert Marenstein, a fictional character first appearing as an English-speaking person in Those Old Trailers, was written into Crudely Written Communal Fiction (Kommunalnoe chtivo napisano krivo) as a Russian-speaking character, Marenstein himself was later retconned to be bilingual and therfore "Those Old Trailers" and "Crudely Written Communal Fiction" remain native to the same stable communal universe.

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Works Connected to Communal UniversesEdit

Here are some works by PP Studio (and/or collaborating studios) which are connected to Communal Universes, but are not necessarily taking place in them: