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Egg Cetera is a web-series created by Nikolay Yeriomin which is produced and distributed by PP Studio. Main concept of the series through Season 1 are short, eccentric reviews of chocolate eggs and similar products by a weird character known as The Egg Collector (portrayed by Yeriomin himself in the rare instance of him being credited as an actor in his own movies/series). First episode of the show, My Duckling premiered on PP Studio YouTube channel, PictureProductStudio, on 3rd of April, 2015. Show is released in both English and Russian languages.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

Air Date Episode Synopsis Reviewed Item(s) End Credits Song
3 April 2015 Episode 1 "My Duckling" (2015) A short review of pitiful "My Chick" chocolate surprise eggs made by Turkish company ANL. "My Chick" Suprise Chocolate Eggs "Egg Cetera Theme Music" by Nikolay Yeriomin
23 June 2015 Episode 2 "Lounge Hobo Square Eggs" (2015) A short review on rip-off "Sponge Bob" chocolate eggs and a sudden surprise for the construction toys (a-la Lego) fans a the new series approaches for a back door pilot episode. "Sponge Bob" Surprise Chocolate Eggs
"Sponge Bob Surprise Eggs" Construction Toys
"Egg Cetera Theme Music" by Nikolay Yeriomin
31 October 2015 Episode 3 "Eggs or Ceased Part I: Mad Maxi" (2015) A short review of Kinder Surprise Maxi chocolate surprise eggs. "Kinder Surprise Maxi" Chocolate Eggs "Anguish" by Kevin MacLeod
31 October 2015 Episode 4 "Eggs or Ceased Part II: Stick These" (2015) A short review of Stikeez toy brand. "Stikeez" brand of toys. "Anguish" by Kevin MacLeod
31 October 2015 Episode 5 "Eggs or Ceased Part III: Mature Mutant Exorcist Turtles" (2015) Short review of "Super Turtles" chocolate surprise balls, which could contain probably the weirdest toy in the history of such products. "Super Turtles" Chocolate Surprise Eggs "Mature Mutant Exorcist Turtles" by Errors in Geography
"Anguish" by Kevin MacLeod
Unreleased Episode ? "Space Champion Formula or Happy New Year, Easter, Whatever" (????) (post-production/hiatus/unfinised) An unfinished Easter Special. TBA -

Season 2Edit

Air Date Episode Synopsis Reviewed Item(s) End Credits Song
29 August 2016 Episode 1 "The Revenant Kinder Surprise" (2016) Yet another Kinder Surprise reminds of a particular movie. "Kinder Surprise" chocolate egg "Anguish" by Kevin MacLeod
16 April 2017 Episode 2 "Easter Evening" (2017) An examination of hand-painted Easter eggs. Easter eggs hand-painted by Nikolay Yeriomin. -

Season 3Edit

Air Date Episode Synopsis Reviewed Item(s) End Credits Song
1 April 2018 Episode 1 When Easter And April Fools Collide (2018) As a result of Easter and April Fools being in one day, The Egg Collector's eggs are weird and so is the episode. "Kinder Surprise" chocolate eggs. "The Fruits" by Nikolay Yeriomin (erroneously credited as "Dry Paint")
25 April 2018 Episode 2 Happy World Penguin Day (2018) It's a World Penguin Day, so there is a penguin. "Kinder Surprise" chocolate egg. "Optimistic Realism" by Nikolay Yeriomin


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