Leonid Sipliy (consultant, samples; since 2014)


Slava Pustovalov (consultant, synthesizer, samples, arranger; since 2010)


Nikolay Yeriomin (lead singer, arranger, samples, tambourine, harmonica, synthesizer; since 2008)


Yaroslav Kozak (additional samples, guitar, backing vocals; since 2012-2014)


Mikhail Bondarev (additional samples, backing vocals; since 2008)

Errors in Geography is a music band fronted and formed by Nikolay Yeriomin.

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While name was first used as late as 2008, it was mainly a one-man project by Nikolay Yeriomin, at times with help from Mikhail Bondarev although none of his contributions were ever recorded. In 2009 Bondarev and Yeriomin collaborated on Freedom, a now-lost music video spoof short film.

In 2010 Slava Pustovalov started to provide additional consultations on how to improve the music, mainly evident on band's first limited release, music video for Moonlight Stalker as well as Temporary Happiness.

In 2011-2013 the band was credited as performer of either whole score or soundtrack on several PP Studio releases. None of the songs from that period were ever released to public until 2018's compilation album Showing the Films (2008-2014).

The group was officially formed as a five-men band in 2014, while recording the music and original songs for The Conference. While Slava Pustovalov and Leonid Sipliy were credited as "honorary members" for mainly consulting and moral support, Yaroslav Kozak and Mikahil Bondarev are vividly featured on the track as backing vocalists.

After PP Studio moved from Donetsk in 2014, band ceased all activity until in 2015 short film 8MM of March (8 mm marta) featured a new track, a cover version of Eduard Khil's "Ya ochen rad, ved' ya nakonets vozvrashayus domoy (Vokaliz)". Through 2015 band's original songs were featured in assorted short films, webisodes


Name "Errors in Geography" was chosen after an identically named type of movie mistake on IMDb. Retroactively name has become ironic in 2014, because, after forming the group all of the members went traveling and are mostly working on a go, from large distances, residing in different countries.


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Excluding the music videos:

Film Actors Crew Members
Those Old Trailers (2010) - Soundtrack: "Temporary Happiness"
Orchestra (uncredited)
The Indestructible (Nesokrushymiy) (2011) - Music Performed by
All the Night (Noch' Naprolyot) (2011) - Soundtrack: "Midnight Reggae", "Saddy Doody"
The Wild Spirit (Dikiy Duh) (2012) - Soundtrack: "Temporary Happiness"
The Prisoners Dilemma (2012) - Music Performed by
Soundtrack: "Prosecutor")
The Army Movie (Samiy voenniy film) (2012) - Music Performer (uncredited)
MV-A10 GrouP (Gruppa MV-A10) (2013) - Music Performed by
"The Bucket (Vedro)" Season 1 Ep. 0 "Unaired Pilot" (2013) - Soundtrack: "Walking the Night"
Twenty Years of Boredom (2013) - Music Performed by
Soundtrack: "Okay Face"
Lenin in the Year of 2012 (Lenin v 2012 godu) (2013) - Music Performed by
Soundtrack: "My 8-bit Childhood"
The Conference (2014) - Music Performed by
Soundtrack: "Showing the Films"
8MM of March (8 mm marta) (2015) - Soundtrack: "Ya ochen rad, ved' ya nakonets vozvrashayus domoy (Vokaliz)" (uncredited)
Rpik (2015) - Music Performed by
Soundtrack: "Gymnopedie #1 (Variation)", "Mystery is Save"
"Egg Cetera" (2015-)
Season 1 Ep.1 "My Duckling" (2015)
Season 1 Ep.2 "Lounge Hobo Square Eggs"
Season 1 Ep.5 "Eggs or Ceased Part III: Mature Mutant Exorcist Turtles"
- Music Performed by
Soundtrack: "Egg Cetera Main Theme" (Ep. 1-2; uncredited), "Breezed Up" (Ep.2; uncredited), "Mature Mutant Exorcist Turtles" (Ep.5)
The Caligula Salad (Salat Kaligula) (2015) - Soundtrack: "Bad Badoom" (uncredited)
"Under Construction"
Season 1 Ep.1 The Terminator: Hunter Killer Aerial (Terminator Genisys Premiere Dedication)
- Soundtrack: "Beach Bums" (uncredited)
Book of the Senseless (2015) - Music Performed by
Soundtrack: "Shto", "Breezed Up", "Beach Bums" (all - uncredited)
"Master When" Season 1 Ep.1 Public Domain Doctor Who - Soundtrack: "Master When Title Music"
Lesser-Known League Gaming (2015) - Music Performed by
Soundtrack: "Okay Face", "Come to My Garage"
One Third to Seven (Bez dvadsati sem') (2015) (Completed; will premiere on 12th International Irpen Film Festival) - Soundtrack: "The Sunset is Here" (uncredited)
Rainy April (Dozhdliviy aprel') (2015) (Completed; will premiere on 12th International Irpen Film Festival) - Soundtrack: "Breezed Up" (uncredited)

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