International Irpen Film Festival is a film festival, situated in the city of Irpen, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine.

The main goal of the festival is to provide an alternative film and media entertainment, which is not surrounded or overshadowed by pathos, formalism and "stars".


Starting on 22nd of June 2003, Irpen Film Festival is (usually) annual event, organized and hosted by Yunaya Kiska i Stariy Pios group, Sergey Twob and Anna Dji.

Over the years festival gained International status and success, receiving thousands and showing hundreds of movies. While in the early years festival had used the concept of Jury, it was dismissed after a few years and replaced by far less subjective vote conducted with the audience of the festival.

After 10th Irpen Film Festival (2012) organizers took a break and continued with the Eleventh festival in 2014. The tendency to do festival once in two years seems to be a new feature, as the next festival is seemingly going to be conducted in 2016, skipping the 2015.

PP Studio Films on Irpen Film FestivalEdit

Nikolay Yeriomin first visited Irpen Film Festival at its Sixth, on 7-8 June 2008. Since then he had evolved from an audience member to a contestant of the festival, having such films of PP Studio selected:

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