Post-credits scenes are usually featured in the productions by Nikolay Yeriomin - as both an additional bonus for audience and a way to engage them in watching whole end credits as an act of appreciation of the crew. In order to ensure the latter aspect not being boring later installements moved towards trying to have end credits go over some scene for their full duration.

Here is the list of every post-credits scene in productions by PP Studio, including Post-Credits, Mid-Credits and On Credits scenes.

Feature FilmsEdit

Episode Image Description
The Conference (2014)
As the credits begin, some of the participants of the conference are seen leaving, starting with Yaroslav Kozak.

A small accidental shot is shown, during which Nikolay Yeriomin and Irina Buchanets are heard discussing the concept of the film. Then additional shot of Yaroslav Kozak appears, set to Showing The Films by Errors in Geography.

Television SeriesEdit

Web SeriesEdit

Episode Image Description
"The Bucket (Vedro)"
Season 1 Ep.0 "Unaired Pilot" (2013)

Yaroslav Kozak, Mikhail Pervushin and Nikolay Yeriomin are seen discussing the concept of the series, seemingly out-of-character. Abruptly, a shot of The Tester/Uncle Vasya appears, accompanied by the sounds of a drill.

Short FilmsEdit

Film Image Description
Party or A Woodpecker on the Concrete Column (Partiya, ili dyatel na betonnom stolbe) (2009) (unfinished)
In 2012 version, instead of any kind of "The End" in the credits there's a message: "U etogo fil'ma nikogda ne bylo kontsa" (This film never had The End).
The First November 2008. The Photo-Party (1 noyabrya 2008. Foto-vecherinka) (2009)





Some still photographs of the party are featured through the end credits.
After the credits a still shot of Sergey Twob appears, with a glowing blue skin.
Those Old Trailers (2010)
Message at the end of the end credits: "This glorious picture was presented to you by Samuel L. Bronckostein."
Mad Max Sweded (2010)
Though it was mainly because of an editing error, some outtakes are shown right after the ending.
The Indestructible (Nesokrushymiy) (2011)
Additional shot of vampire appears, followed by a weird scream by Sergey Twob. Later, on "The End" screen, Narrator (Mikhail Bondarev) says "Well, you wanted something else?.." in Russian.
All the Night (Noch' Naprolyot) (2011)
Additional visual credit for Askold Tutylopydirskiy appears, revealing that he has "portrayed" a creature in the toilet bowl. It is then followed by a screaming Narrator (Mikhail Bondarev) who yells that Vasya should leave the editing room.
Eighth (Vos'moy) (2011)
End credits go over a shot of half-empty screening room.
The Nose (Nos) (2012)

After credits seemingly ended screen turns black for a second... And then credits continue.
The Born Defecation (2012)
A weird montage of shots and outtakes from the scenes is shown with door opening twice and Split Second screaming.
The Prisoners Dilemma (2012)
A silent outtake of Yaroslav Kozak is shown, rehearsing his role in an amusing way.
The Army Movie (Samiy voenniy film) (2012)
The Instructor shows a martial arts move on a cadet and then proclaims that he "falls incorrectly".
The Porn Identification (Identyfikatsiya Porna) (2013)

Credit "The End of The Born Diolgy" appears with The Pirate Narrator (Mikhail Pervushin) saying in Russian "The End of the movie?" and Narrator (Mikhail Bondarev) adding "Question Mark." as the big purple question mark appears on the copyright notice.
MV-A10 GrouP (Gruppa MV-A10) (2013)
GruppaMV-A10 2013EndCredits
End credits go over a continuation of a shoot, in real time as Ihor Todorov enters the scene.
GruppaMV-A10 2013Post-CreditsScene
A single-frame insert of a photograph of another photograph of Yu. G. Belovolov on the wall could be glimpsed on the copyright notice.
Twenty Years of Boredom (2013)
A hand-written credit is shown, saying that Lenin #1 will return in Lenin in the Year of 2012 (Lenin v 2012 godu).
Lenin in the Year of 2012 (Lenin v 2012 godu) (2013)

"The End" card gets interrupted with Uncle Vasya sitting on the coach with a friend and reading a microscopic book about Yaroslav Kozak portraying V.I. Lenin. "The End" card re-appears to be interrupted by Lenin shouting "Nadya, Stalin has arrived!" and upside-down photograph of Stalin covering the screen.
Unique Congratulation (Unikal'noe pozdravlenie) (2014)
Before he gets the opportunity to say anything, The Actor is interrupted by a weird chiptune music from an LCD game.

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