Main antagonists are characters who antagonize protagonist(s) through the course of the plot and are almost always have a poition of central threat of more or less massive proportions. In Communal Universes antagonists pay pivotal role to major events, while unrelated works from the studio, usually co-productions are set in other universes and might not follow the same set of rules.

Nikolay Yeriomin has a tendency to feature both multiple prota- and antagonists in his movies, also number of main ones is usually and traditionally quite restricted.

Spoiler Alert: some portions of the list may contain key plot elements from the respective media.

List of main antagonists in PP Studio ProductionsEdit

Feature FilmsEdit

Movie Main Antagonist Objective Outcome Fate
Nettle (Krapiva) (2016) Scientist To test experimental biological weapon serum in field, in Zelenograd. Succeeds. Dies when his plan backfires and a plane crashes in the city.
The Nettle To kill and survive as a species. Is mostly exterminated. Survives as a species, resurfaces in Connecticut.
Mortem (2016) The Ghost Unknown. Unknown. Unknown.

Television SeriesEdit


Web SeriesEdit

Series Main Antagonist Objective Outcome Fate
Egg Cetera Season 1 (2015) ANL Produce badly made chocolate surprise eggs with equally badly made toys of Chinese manufacture. Succeeds. Mocked by The Egg Collector on many occasions.
The Bull in the Sky Unknown. Unknown. Unknown.
The Bucket (Vedro) Season 1 (2013; 2016-) Split Second Yet to be revealed. Yet to be revealed. Yet to be revealed.
Nikolay None known but is severely damaging the work of Local Television being their only cameraman who could not be fired. Yet to be revealed. Yet to be revealed.
Watching Me Season 1 (2017-) White of the Eye Metaphorical representation of fear of the creator. Succeeds. Vanishes.

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Short FilmsEdit

Film Main Antagonist Objective Outcome Fate
Zone 22 (Zona 22) (2008) Abusing Convict To reinstate his authority in prison by beating other convicts. Suceeds but is caught in the middle of larger fight. Is beaten during a big fight, detailed premise is unknown.
Unnamed Maniac Movie (2008) Maniac To kill a victim from the ambush, hiding behind the door. Succeeds. Unknown, presumed at large.
Unnamed Mockumentary (2008) Man Trying to Invade the Screen To appear in a documentary which is filmed in the toilet and a corridor. Partially succeeds but is thwarted and kicked out of screen by crew. Kicked out of screen for good, unknown.
Bride's Revenge (Mest' nevesty) (2008) Groom To kill the bride and then dodge the law. Partially succeeds but is caught in revenge. Killed by The Spiders.
Bride To avenge her death by spawning ghostly abominations. Succeeds. Remains dead but avenges her death.
Party or A Woodpecker on the Concrete Column (Partiya, ili dyatel na betonnom stolbe) (2009) The Hitman To assasinate "The King". Succeeds. Unknown, presumed at large.
The Incredible Posha (Neobyknovenniy Posha) (2009) Man Who Bashes Posha To beat Posha out of simple irritation. Succeeds. Unknown.
Idiosyncracy (2010) Harvell Unknown. Unknown. Unknown.
Those Old Trailers (2010) The Space Most Dangerous Criminal To escape from the authorities. Succeeds but is trapped on a rouge mafia spaceship. Unknown.
"This Guy" To kill people to ease his depression. Succeeds. Unknown.
Mad Max Sweded (2010) Toecutter To avenge the death of Nightrider by killing people close to Mad Max. Succeeds. Crushed by a truck in an incident caused by Mad Max.
Dietika (2011) Unhealthy Food To destabilize humanity's health. Unknown. Unknown.
The Indestructible (Nesokrushymiy) (2011) The Vampire To kill The Indestructible an feed on him. Fails. Killed by silver-containing mosquito-killing device.
All The Night (Noch' Naprolyot) (2011) The Surgeon To experiment on people. Seemigly partially succeeds. Knocked out by Stoned Televisor.
The Mugger To mug people on the high stores of an apartment building. Fails. Stopped by Stoned Televisor (off-screen).
The Nose (Nos) (2012) The Nose To eclipse Dyadya Vasya. Succeeds. Unknown.
Attack of the Banana Peel (Napadenie bananovoy kozhury) (2012) Banana Peel Attacker To defeat cat with a banana peel. Succeeds. Defeats cat, but the latter's heart remains strong.
IFF-10 ultra short film (Ultrakorotkoe kino IK-10) (2012) The Nose See afore. See afore. See afore.
Banana Peel Attacker See afore. See afore. See afore.
The Born Defecation (2012) Split Second To regenerate an adequate body. Partially and temporarily succeeds. Unknown, presumed at large.
The Prisoners Dilemma (2012) Xander Burchill To escape the prison. Succeeds, killing The Detective in process. Unknown, presumed at large.
Zero Sum Game (2012) Candy Bandit To rob Candy Finder of a candy he has found on the floor. Succeeds. Unknown.
The Porn Identification (Identifikatsiya Porna) (2013) Split Second (mainly off-screen) To cease the filming. Succeeds. Unknown, presumed at large.
Unique Congratulation (Unikal'noe pozdravlenie) (2014) The Director To film a birthday congratulation according to his vision and humiliate The Actor in process. Succeeds. Unknown.
Book of the Senseless (2015) Book of the Senseless To trap The Gunman using The Senseless, make him one of them. Succeeds. Unknown.
Mikhail Bondarev: Heck of a Great Man (Mikhail Bondarev: Hren' velikogo cheloveka) (2015) Unnamed Writer/Director To make the documentary about Mikhail Bondarev. Succeeds. Unknown.
Albert Marenstein Helping to make the documentary about Mikhail Bondarev. Succeeds. Unknown.
The Worst Batman Fanfilm Ever... Period (2016) Mr. Freeze To freeze. Succeeds. Unknown.
Something Remotely Beautiful (2016) Apathy of Nikolay Yeriomin To make the process of filming a special short film all the more difficult for Nikolay Yeriomin. Partially succeeds. Unknown.
Pyramid Above the Kremlin (Piramida nad Kremlyom) (2016) Pyramids To destroy Kremlin. Succeed. Proceed to Tver.
Pyramid Above Saint Petersburg (Piramida nad Sankt-Peterburgom) (2016) Pyramids To destroy Saint-Petersburg. Succeed. Proceed to Miami and Donetsk.
Pyramid Above Kyiv (Piramida nad Kievom) (2016) Pyramids To destroy Kyiv. Partially fail. Proceed to Volga.
Ivan Born (2016) The Cassette To capture Ivan Born dead or alive. Fails. Survives.
Fufay: A Tragic Story (2016) Fufay Unknown. Succeeds to claim one victim, fails in another case. Unknown.
Pyramid Above Volga (Piramida nad Volgoy) (2016) Pyramids To destroy and sink a few cities near Volga. Succeed. Proceed to an unknown place.
Yura (Man from Tver) Yet to be revealed. Yet to be revealed. Yet to be revealed.
What Worth Are 50 UAH oh Khreshchatyk? (2016) The Cassette To delete portions of a tourist's video, which captured a secret object near Khreshchatyk. Succeeds. Yet to be revealed.

Film Main Antagonist Objective Outcome Fate
Tirminater in Town (Tirmenator v derevne) (2016) Tirmenator Unknown. Unknown. Allegedly destroyed.
Route (Marshrut) (2016) Something/Viktor Petrovich To crash the car of Nikola. Succeeds. Unknown, presumed at large.
The One Rogue: Inter Star Wars Stories (Izgoy Odin. Mezhzvyozdnyie voyny. Istorii) (2016) NYoKh-3000 To find and kill Volodya/Vadim Skvortsov. Fails. Destroyed by Evgenik.
One Silent Man (Odin tikhiy chelovek) (2017) The Killer To kill Mark Shagalov. Succeeds. Unknown, presumed at large.
Attraction of the Earth (Prityazheniye Zemli) (2017) The Hedgehog To change Earth's gravity. Succeeds for a time, but crash lands in process. Unknown, presumed at large.

Music VideosEdit

Film Main Antagonist Objective Outcome Fate
Errors in Geography: Fat Duck Surprise (2015) Duck To attack people. Fails. Unknown.
Errors in Geography: The Seeker of Autumn (2016) Summer To be hot. Succeeds. Ends (off-screen).

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Video GamesEdit

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Game Main Antagonist Objective Outcome Fate
Assassin (2011) Assassin To assasinate the protagonist. Depends on the player. Depends on the player.