Welcome to the PPPedia WikiEdit

PP Studio celebrates 10 years of productive collaborations with Mikhail Bondarev!
PPPedia is a wiki dedicated to various projects of Ukrainian independent movie production company PP Studio (Picture Production Studio), which is founded and created by Nikolay Yeriomin. Most of the works of this studio are situated in "Communal Universes", a system of alternate universes which have recurring characters, shared events, themes and locations.

Where To Watch PP Studio FilmsEdit

Currently, mostly on the official YouTube channel: PictureProductStudio. We've recently had a special event dedicated to our 10th anniversary, on which 5 doucmentary specials and 5 original works premiered.

PP Studio's first feature film (by the time of production start; technically the first feature is a documentary The Conference), Crudely Written Communal Fiction is set to premiere in 2018 (hopefully on 12th International Irpen Film Festival) and is currently filming actively after being in production for 10 years. Teaser trailer of the movie premiered on 11th International Irpen Film Festival (October 16, 2014).

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