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Quality Content is a web-series by PP Studio, created by Nikolay Yeriomin. After pilot, almost improvised in one day, become studio's first success on YouTube, series were picked.

Although series mostly review and analyze existing real-life web content it is takes place in Communal Universes with examples, events and narration being fictionalized in some instances.

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Season 1Edit

Air Date Episode Synopsis Special Guest Star(s) End Credits Song
15 January 2017 Episode 1 Maxime Augustin Explained Tells the story of a wild overnight Internet success of Maxime Augustin, the man behind one of the weirdest advertisement campaigns ever. - "Raw Show (Remix)" by Nikolay Yeriomin
28 January 2017 Episode 2 Shia LaBeouf's "He Will Not Divide Us" Explained Explanation of cultural attraction of LaBeouf, Ronkko and Turner's video art performance "He Will Not Divide Us". - "I'm Unoriginal So What" by Nikolay Yeriomin
24 January 2018 Episode 3 Surreal Memes Explained Explaining how rich cultural tradition of surrealism inspired a whole subculture of memes. - "Golconda Mouse" by Nikolay Yeriomin
8 April 2018 Episode 4 Steamed Hams But It's Crazily Explained With An Arthouse Short Film Explaining the weird popularity of "Steamed Hams" clip from the episode of "The Simpsons". - "The Steam" by Nikolay Yeriomin


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