"Being of no excuses, who harvests living to feed the radio waves, whether he will complete his mission or not is ambiguous. He has no name, no body, no structure, only the eye of white can reveal that it is, indeed, him. Split Second. Beware of his coming. He will."[1]

Unknown person dubbed Split Second is a character in Communal Universes, an interdimensional monster.


Haunting Ivan BornEdit

Split Second appeared in the toilet 6000 km South of Marseilles and approached a man named Born, who was exiting the booth of the toilet. [2] He later stalked Born as the latter was chilling out somewhere with a laptop, identifying unknown porn videos on the Internet. In both cases he grabbed the camera, abruptly ending the narrative. [3]

Later fake trailer short film Ivan Born contains flashbacks of Split Second character in the memories of eponymous character (a slightly altered footage from The Born Defecation). [4]

Book of the SenselessEdit

Later short film Book of the Senseless shows the eponymous book having a portion of text dedicated to Split Second with a basic drawing of his face (which is only visible fully in Reading the Book of the Senselss). Whoever and at what point included it in the book remains unclear. [5] [6]

The Wave He GaveEdit

In This Friday Night Split Second first appeared during the prologue assembling some kind of device in the remote location. Later said device among with hand-written instructions was sold by The Seller to The Tester, contained within an Unomat camera bag. As the latter departed from the scene of a bargain, it is revealed that The Seller sold device while being under mind control and/or posession of Split Second, who had promised to let him go if he did so. Split Second proceeds with the promise, seemingly killing The Seller in process. As the Tester began to red the instructins, Split Second teleported to an undisclosed location, causing disturbances in the work of fluorescent lamps and traffic lights.[7]

In a cat form Split Second haunted Tester's visions as the latter started to notice the small changes in the space and time surrounding him. As the Tester tried to warn David about the incident, massive glitches changed the dimension, occuring not only in The Tester's apartment, but in other places as well, such as Vinnytsia, Ukraine. [8]

Split Second's origin and mythology will be explored more in "The Wave He Gave" segment of The Bucket (Vedro) and feature film Crudely Written Communal Fiction (Kommunalnoe chtivo napisano krivo).


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While filming The Born Defecation on 17 December 2010 Nikolay Yeriomin decided to improvise rather surreal twist ending - a slight jump scare, which was performed by Yeriomin himself and involved then newly created special make-up contact lenses.

While editing a movie in November of 2012, Nikolay Yeriomin decided to name character Split Second (inspired by the 1992 movie of the same name) and even credited his appearance in the end credits (which is usually an uncredited director cameo) to signify it. Static/White Noise was mainly added to a scene to hide Yeriomin's head showing up for a split second (irony) which would have otherwise ruin the surprise of the ending.

Mythology of the character will be expanded further in segment "The Wave He Gave" of the first season of The Bucket (Vedro) and a feature film Crudely Written Communal Fiction (Kommunalnoe chtivo napisano krivo).


Physical Appearance

  • Unusual Features: One of the eyes damaged (see below), distorted and changing appearance overall.
  • Eyes: Varies, one of them being damaged (white with no visible pupil, probably an extreme case of leucoma or cataract).
  • Hair: Varies, usually some kind of brown.
  • Height: Varies.
  • Signature Costume Details: Black Jacket (formerly), Striped Sweater.

Social Data

  • Aliases: Split Second, "He".

Powers and Abilities


  • Wave Manipulation and Awareness: Split Second can manipulate certain forms of waves.
  • Teleportation/Time Travel: May appear in a place unexpectedly via radio waves and similar frequencies, usually re-structuring his appearance.
  • Transformation: Split Second is capable of transforming some of his forms.
  • White Noise/Technokinesis: His appearance causes massive white noise outbreaks and other static distortions in the work of electronic devices.
  • Fourth Wall/Dimensional Awareness: Notices camera.
  • Mind Control/Possession: Split Second is able to possess other beings, forcing them to do his bidding.
  • Nerve/Pain/Brain Manipulation: Split Second is able to inflict massive amount of pain to human beings.


  • Engineering: Split Second is a capable engineer.
  • Wave Expertise:


  • Unknown Device: Split Second crafted and used an unknown device to manipulate waves as well as lure people into sub-wave dimensions.

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Reading the Book of the SenselssEdit


Split Second is drawn and described on the left side of Page 1 of book.

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