Title Card for Season 1 (2016)


Title Card for Unaired Pilot (2013)


Title Card for All You Could Possibly Want for Christmas and New Year, 2016 Christmas Special.


Title Card for The Unrealiazable Plans Day, a "2,5 episode" of the first season.


Title Card for Writings on the Snow, 2017 Holiday Special.

The Bucket (Russian: Vedro, Ведро) is a web-series by PP Studio, created by Nikolay Yeriomin. Approved in 2013 from an Unaired Pilot, a first season of five episodes is currently being filmed and edited simultaneously with airing in 2016-2018.


A sketch comedy with a recurring serious segment (usually of horror genre) which evolves around people from the Local Television station in the city of Donetsk trying to came of with something to show on a late-night TV schedule after it was prolongued.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

Air Date Episode Synopsis Special Guest Star(s) End Credits Song
Unaired; Test Screening on 26 July 2013 Episode 0
"Unaired Pilot"
After a pair of video engineers botches the newscast, local TV station is forced to air questionable shows and movies instead, including "Cinema-X" (show in which a host, Alfred Bergman, airs an unfinished catastrophically inadequate neo-noir "Dilemma") and a sci-fi b-movie "The Wave He Gave". Mykyta Rykunov as Newscaster of The Last National Channel (special uninvited star) The Bucket Main Theme by Nikolay Yeriomin
2 September 2016 Episode 1
"This Friday Night"
For a small local TV station an ordinary Friday transforms into a surreal nightmare when it is suddenly revealed that they need to prolong their schedule and air something all night long. Bizarre situations ensues as the crew tries to assemble the night schedule from outcasts of television and long-forgotten movies. Innokentiy Zibrov-Zadunayskiy as Himself (special guest star) "The Fever" by DigitalNativeDance
23 December 2016 Christmas Special
"All You Could Possibly Want for Christmas and New Year"
Local Television is struggling to have something good on Christmas and New Year's Eve broadcasts despite faulty script, incompetent staff, lack of time and a fired host. Sergey A. as Epigraph Narrator (special guest star)
Filip Lavrynovskyi as Church Representative (special guest star)
"It's December (Again Engaged)" by Errors in Geography.
2 September 2017 Episode 2
"Family Tree"
After it turns out that Richard Syutkin mainly hires people from his family tree, Local Television Director tries to struggle nepotism while still running the newly prolonged night schedule. Clint Basinger as David (special guest star)
Slava Pustovalov as Albert Marenstein (secret special guest star)
"Sa(n)d Credits" by Nikolay Yeriomin (cast credits)
"The Cat Music" by Murzylka (crew credits)
23 October 2017 Episode 2,5
"The Unrealizable Plans Day"
Local Television's morning show Good Morning is showcased. - "Exquisite (End Credits Imperfecta)" by Nikolay Yeriomin
20 December 2017 Holiday Special
"Writings on the Snow"
Local Television crew assembles for a winter holidays party and minor adventures ensue. - "Mr. Winter" by Nikolay Yeriomin
2018 Episode 3
"Explosion of the Modern Architecture"
While Richard Syutkin deals with sudden repairs in his house, Local Television Director works for two. TBA TBA
1 November 2017 Episode 4
"Fufay Presents: A Bucket of Blood"
Richard Syutkin decides that the station could use more horror in their night schedule and Local Television Director struggles to find some. Sergey Twob as Zhora (special guest star) "Sa(n)d Credits" by Nikolay Yeriomin (cast credits)
28 April 2018 Episode 4,5
"Infinity Bucket: Crappy Superhero Kaleidoscope"
In a loose narrative of events superhero genre unfolds as Local Television Director and Mikhail discuss it on the streets. Dmitriy Vanyukov as The Costume Expert (special appearance by)
Sergey Twob as Stoned Televisor (special guest star)
Sergey A. as The Capeless (special guest star)
11 August 2018 Episode 11
"Episode 11: Main Antagonist"
In one of the most convoluted and messed plots ever even main antagonist does not know the purpose or meaning of what he does. Sergey Twob as Special Guest Star (special guest star; credit only)
2018 Episode 5
"How to Become a Celebrity and Succeed in Life"
Richard Syutkin, Local Television Director and crew as a whole tries to overcome identity crisis over the fact that after working night and day in television for years they're neither successful nor famous. TBA TBA


Main CastEdit

Note: Although Nikolay Yeriomin appears in practically all episodes he is not credited and speifically does not consider himself a member of main cast, as his appearances are more of necessity fulfillment then planned roles.

Recurring CastEdit

See also Special Guest Stars for special credit statuses