Also this day is celebrated as The Unrealizable Plans Day.[1]

Local Television starts their morning broadcast with an ident showing Mikhail proudly showing a broken television set on the ground, correlating with a tagline "Local Television. Always on spot!".

Show Good Morning starts showing some outtakes of the same scene because, as the host suggests the crew can't find the opening of their show. He then exclaims that as it is autumn, it's dark outside, but they have edited a shot of "fresh Donetsk sunrise".

He then proclaims that it is 32 October and lists a few celebrities born on that day, including an unnamed church representative, famed documentary director Albert Marenstein and Mikhail Bondarev, who is introduced as famous writer, poet, industry mogul, musician and "just overall a nice man". He also proclaims that the day is celebrated as The Unrealizable Plans Day.

Scene then cuts to Mikhail and Konstantin Kannskiy discussing the idea for the movie named "Dull Kolya" based on Nikolay, the cameraman who films them.

The host then proclaims some political news section and, while originally camera is showing frustrated Local Television Director (LTD), the host of such turns out to be Evgeniy Kvasov, who falls asleep.

As the credits begin, LTD is asking whether Richard Syutkin brought Kvasov back, Mikhail takes his side saying that it should have been a director's decision, while Richard blames the fault on them.

Post-credits scene shows Kvasov waking up and then Uncle Vasya admiring something and teleporting in Apartment 287.


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  • "News"

Written and performed by Nikolay Yeriomin

  • "Exquisite (End Credits Imperfecta)"

From Nikolay Yeriomin's Pintus
Written and performed by Nikolay Yeriomin

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  1. Good Morning Host in The Unrealizable Plans Day