Title Card for Season 1 (2017)

Watching Me is a web-series created by Nikolay Yeriomin. An attempt at creating an immersive web-series with unconventional and metaphorical plot about paranoia and inspiration, the series might continue if there will be a good plot for Season 2, which will likely be mostly unconnected to the first one.

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Season 1Edit

Air Date Episode Synopsis Title Drop End Credits Song
9 February 2017 Episode 0 "From The Ceiling" (2017) Someone or something is watching from the ceiling. None, title card. -
13 August 2017 Episode 1 "From The Camera's Lens" (2017) Urban paranoia is strengthened by video surveillance. "A rare case when I'm actually glad that someone is..." "The Four of Us and One Listening" by Errors in Geography
13 August 2017 Episode 2 "From My Own Reflection" (2017) A man is afraid of his own reflections. "I left screen blank on purpose, so that you can see your own reflection. Just as I see mine..." "Heartware" by Errors in Geography
13 August 2017 Episode 3 "With No Explanation" (2017) An unexplained and unexpected twist to the story. None, title card. End credits note that "Music IS ABSENT, ISN'T IT?"
13 August 2017 Episode 4 "With Uncertain Feelings" Visited by a ghostly figure, protagonist wakes up. "I am the voice in your head, ten steps ahead, you can count on that. I am the one with the key and I am watching you as you are..." "Ternopolis (Failed Version 3)" by Zexzz

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